The Book of Leviticus

Pastor Mark Christopher has been teaching a sermon series on the Book of Leviticus at Everglen Baptist Church since 2012. The series is called “Highway to Holiness”. Pastor Mark completed his undergraduate studies at Liberty University in Lynchberg, Virginia (U.S.). In May, 1994, he graduated from The Master’s Seminary in Sun Valley, California (U.S.). In 1995, Pastor Mark was ordained as a pastor at Grace Community Church, also in Sun Valley. He planted Living Hope Bible Church in Cape Town and has been preaching and teaching at Everglen for many years. Pastor Mark Christopher was inducted into the Eldership at Everglen Baptist Church in August 2015. Together he and his wife, Debbie, minister by sharing the gospel, and caring for people’s physical needs.

Highway to Holiness

You can now listen to these sermons online or download the files to listen to later.